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Once you look at the photo of the Seychelles, you immediately want to be there. Seychelles is a place where a person forgets about all the problems, breaks away from reality and plunges headlong into a fairy tale. Thinking about a tour to the Seychelles for the first time, it is not easy to plan a vacation.


There are 115 islands on the Seychelles map, 46 of them are inhabited. It doesn't matter what type of accommodation you choose when you arrive in the Seychelles - hotels, bungalows, villas or renting the entire island - in any case, you are guaranteed a whole sea of ​​the most enthusiastic impressions!

 The company «ROYAL SAFARI» is an experienced and attentive tour operator, we have studied the Seychelles far and wide, delving into every little thing in order to make your holiday in the Seychelles as rich as possible, and the memories are the most vivid!


We started our own tourism activity in the Seychelles in 2008, while being engaged in elite world tourism since 1998. And we made a choice in the direction of the Seychelles for a reason.


Seychelles is a place where you will be offered not only exciting adventures and positive emotions, but also vivid memories of your vacation. At your service a great holiday in excellent hotels, each of which has excellent reviews, and everything else attractive prices.

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