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Yoga is an integral element of the philosophies and religions of ancient and medieval India, of interest to modern man mainly as an effective means of improving the physical and mental state. It is better to be a yogi than not to be one. With the help of two or three classes a week, you can really change your life for the better - even if everything is fine with you. Why? Yoga develops the flexibility, endurance and strength of your body. Large loads become feasible for you and you can withstand them for a longer time yoga teaches you to breathe correctly, and it is not unreasonably believed that proper breathing is the key to health yoga puts the nervous system in order: you will get rid of age-old irritability and begin to sleep better yoga aims to work with non-material component of your being, opening up new ways of spiritual development for you yoga is a "sparing" activity: it develops you gradually, without disturbing the course of any yoga process - a very fashionable "advanced" activity. Among her Hollywood admirers are Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meg Ryan, Woody Harrelson and many others. Yoga can be practiced by both old and young: 99% that you are able to make significant progress in it for your own benefit once you have completed a yoga course, you can stop there and keep practicing at home


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