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Yacht sale

As professionals in the yachting industry, we will help you select the best quality vessels, taking into account all your wishes, interests and budget. Our experience and knowledge allow us to assist in the selection, purchase and delivery of your yacht anywhere in the world.


There are many factors that require professional and objective decisions - terms and conditions, yacht inspection, financing, exclusions, necessary repairs, date of ownership and many more. These are some of the factors to consider before choosing a yacht.

Cooperation with us will remove a lot of problems from you and save your precious time

It is important to have a clearly defined overview in order to identify key issues with the vessel prior to closing the deal.


Our goal is to make sure you get what you pay for. We are the only Russian-speaking company in the Seychelles engaged in charter activities.


We offer: registration, registration, maintenance of the yacht, organization of parking, and the offer of profitable rental in the Seychelles. The season is all year round, world-class fishing, ocean walks off the coast of fabulous islands.

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