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Ocean fishing in the Seychelles with «ROYAL SAFARI»

A typical day of fishing lasts for 8-9 hours, centered around the DROP OFF, a location known for its significant depths. Local fishermen often avoid venturing there to conserve gasoline. The nearest drop off point lies 60 km from Mahe Island. The DROP OFF signifies a considerable transition in depth, ranging from 50-100 to 1500-2500 meters. This steep underwater "wall" boasts the most exceptional fishing experience on Mahe.

As of today, we proudly hold three national fishing records. Throughout the past season, our company achieved twice the number of trophy catches compared to the combined total of all Seychelles-based companies. This statement is not mere advertising, but a testament to our accomplishments.


We're more than just boat rentals –

we curate unforgettable fishing experiences


With every boat rental, we provide complimentary soft drinks, beer, and sandwiches. As an added culinary delight, we craft sashimi on board using freshly caught fish.

Moreover, our meticulous attention extends to our fishing equipment and bait. We confidently assert that our gear stands as the finest in the Seychelles, catering to various fishing styles such as trolling, casting, jigging, and fly fishing.

Each vessel is equipped with its dedicated gear set, featuring exclusively Shimano rods and reels. We're dedicated to enhancing your skills across different techniques, even offering training in fly fishing. For your convenience, we facilitate fishing excursions from nearly any hotel or island, given the water's depth allows the yacht to dock.

Our fleet

Our berth is home to five distinctive sea boats of varying classes, all belonging to us. In addition, under the stewardship of «ROYAL SAFARI», we oversee several vessels comprehensively equipped for fishing, personalized diving experiences, and leisurely relaxation.

Each of our boats comes fully stocked with essential amenities, including lunch, beverages, sashimi preparation, and our unparalleled service. Furthermore, we extend the opportunity for extended island cruises to remote destinations.

Should you seek to rent a yacht, catamaran, or boat tailored precisely to your preferences, «ROYAL SAFARI» stands prepared to assist you in fulfilling your requirements.


2600€ день

1600€ полдня

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По запросу

Lagoon 46 F

4500€ день 

3500€ полдня

Riviera 42

2400€ день

1600€ полдня

Boston Whaller 320  

5800€ день

Cabo Express 45  

10 500€ день

Monte Fino 76

5000€ день

Leopard 51

2600€ день

1800€ полдня

Beneteau Antares 980  

4500€ день

3000€ полдня

Luhrs 40 
Fish species of the Indian Ocean
near the Seychelles

Distinguishing fishing methods and equipment between river and sea fishing is crucial due to the substantial contrasts between the two. Sea fish often possess a mass and resistance dozens of times greater than river fish, necessitating robust gear to successfully capture them.

Regarding fishing rods, the norm typically entails composite models. Relatively compact spinning rods suit boat fishing, whereas elongated rods (optimal for extensive casting) measuring around 370 cm are ideal for shore fishing. While sizable fish catches from the shore are relatively rare, the norm revolves around capturing juveniles, typically weighing a few kilograms. This practice predominantly employs the conventional gear employed for fishing in Russian waters.

Fishing techniques
Exclusive offer for «ROYAL SAFARI» clients

Discover the world of modern taxidermy to immortalize your fishing accomplishments. Should you desire, intricate and exclusive compositions featuring various fish species can be custom-crafted to showcase your achievements.

Our Seychelles-based team will handle the initial processing of your trophies. Following that, you'll have the opportunity to discuss all the intricacies of your envisioned composition. Within six months, the completed masterpiece will be delivered to the designated address of your choice.

Furthermore, we extend our services to cater to private collections and museums. Our expert craftsman has curated a collection exceeding 300 fish species for the Dubai Oceanographic Museum.

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