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Yellowfin tuna

(Thunnus albacares)

It got its name due to the orange-yellow coloration of the soft dorsal and anal fins, which stand out noticeably against the dark "metallic" dorsal part of the body, passing through the dark blue and yellow to the silvery belly.

The largest recorded parameters: length - 239 cm, weight - 200 kg. The longest recorded life expectancy is 9 years.

A typically oceanic species, living above and below the thermocline, only rarely found near reef islands. It is sensitive to low oxygen content and therefore does not occur at depths of more than 250 m. It forms flocks of individuals of the same or different species. Feeds on fish, crustaceans and squid. In February 2010, we set the official Seychelles record (82 kg). The previous record (64 kg.) lasted more than five years. In industrial fishing, specimens weighing up to 180 kg regularly come across.


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