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Silvertip shark

(Carcharhinus albimarginatus)

Belongs to the genus Carcharhinus, or real gray sharks, although some taxonomists attribute it to the genus Triaenodon (Kunya sharks).

The largest recorded parameters: length - 300 cm, weight - 162.2 kg. It occurs both in the open sea and near reefs at a depth of 1 to 800 m, but more often no deeper than 20 m.

Dark gray or grey-brown above and white below. A characteristic external sign is white borders on all fins. It feeds on bottom and pelagic fish, rays, cephalopods, and young sharks. It is considered traumatic and potentially dangerous. When caught, it does not show much resistance. Caught from the shore with live bait. IGFA record: 18.25 kg (Coibo Island, Panama)


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