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Blue marlin

(Makaria mazara)

The top is dark blue with 15 bluish stripes from the back to the belly. Bottom pale-silver.

The largest recorded parameters: length - 500 cm, weight - 906 kg. The longest recorded life expectancy is 28 years.

A pelagic oceanic species that lives in waters with a temperature of at least 24 degrees, therefore, the species is characterized by migration from south to north and back. Not found on mainland coasts and islands. Usually found at a depth of up to 40 m. It can form flocks of up to 10 individuals. Adult fish prefer solitary swimming. It feeds on tuna, rays, crustaceans and squid.

In the Seychelles, fishing is good almost all year round. Peak bite from November to February. We recommend going fishing with an overnight stay in the open ocean.

We hold the current national blue marlin record of 326kg!


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