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Trolling involves fishing from a moving boat, a technique renowned for its effectiveness in covering vast stretches of sea space.

By maintaining the appropriate speed, the bait takes on a natural appearance. The movement speed and bait placement necessitate careful calibration, ensuring each lure operates at a specific depth and distance from the boat, while also aligning with the rise and fall of waves. Crafting a successful combination of lures, such as wobblers, octopuses, and icelanders, tailored to distinct horizons proves to be a specialized skill. In our arsenal, we showcase cutting-edge American and Japanese innovations, including heavy octopuses designed for trolling sharks, handcrafted octopuses catering to sailboats and marlins, and versatile icelanders. We're equipped with lurex for high-speed marlin fishing (reaching up to 20 knots), streamers for sailboats and tuna, gear for employing natural baits like mackerel and bonito, diverse modifications of attractors, as well as wobblers suited for various fish species.

Trolling primarily targets pelagic fish residing within the water column; however, it's not uncommon to also land bottom-dwelling fish that rise in pursuit of prey. An aspect of our pride lies in the integration of a parachute kite alongside traditional trolling methods. The kite descends from the boat at a significant distance, bearing a live bait that continually attempts to submerge itself. Periodic kite-induced resurfacing entices even the most cautious and sizable fish, making for an innovative and effective fishing approach.


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