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(Xiphias gladius)

The only species whose name is translated from Latin as "fish in the shape of a sword." Even if we say about the swordfish that its upper jaw is flattened in a horizontal plane and really looks like a sword, and it itself reaches almost half a ton of weight, it is unlikely that the reader will get a true idea of \u200b\u200bthis inhabitant of the deep sea. The fish were observed from bathyscaphes at a depth of about three hundred (!) meters. Just imagine what pressure drops this monster withstands, rising from the abyss to the surface! But the most impressive feature of this fish is its unpredictability and literally rhino aggressiveness. Few fish resist capture with the same stubbornness as swordfish. And unlike the vast majority of the subjects of the kingdom of Neptune, the swordfish often attacks the enemy, that is, the fishing boat. There are cases when she pierced the bottoms of not only boats or yachts, but also the wooden plating of ships with a thickness (imagine the power of the blow!) 36 centimeters. In such cases, the sword breaks off and remains in the tree, and the fish swims away completely disarmed.

A record swordfish weighing 536.1 kg was caught near the city of Iquique (Chile), but usually large fish do not exceed the maximum value, apparently optimal for the species - 453.6 kg (“magic mark”). The Seychelles are the largest exporter of swordfish meat to the world market. At the same time, sports fishing is poorly developed. We are ready to organize a special tour for this trophy. There is an opportunity to use the world champion from Kenya.


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