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Black marlin

Black marlin (Makaria indica)

Black marlin is one of the most desirable prey for most trophy anglers. This fish has the size, power and tenacity in the fight that one can only dream of.

The largest recorded parameters: length - 465 cm, weight - 750 kg. The record weight of black marlin recorded in Capo Blanco (Peru) was 707.61 kg.

The body is dark blue above and silvery white below. One of the characteristic features of black marlin is the rigidity of its pectoral fins, which are located at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the body - it is simply impossible to bend them (which cannot be said about the similar fins of blue marlin). A pelagic oceanic fish that prefers surface layers of water. It can be found near the coast of the mainland, islands and near reefs. It feeds on tuna, crustaceans, turtles, squid and other mollusks. In the Seychelles it comes across all year round. Can take small baits and go into shallow water.


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