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Bait Fishing

Bait fishing involves employing natural bait or live fish to attract catches.

While trolling with live or deceased fish can also fall within the bait fishing category, our observations have demonstrated that modern, pricier artificial lures prove more effective for trolling. These lures enable us to maintain higher speeds, subsequently enhancing our chances of catching more promising spots. This technique is implemented when the boat is stationary or moving at minimal speeds along a gradient. During the fishing process, the bait is lowered to the seabed and held in position using a suitable sinker or suspended midway in the water column. Our signature branded bait serves as an excellent addition, drawing in a diverse array of fish. This method is especially effective for capturing sizable fish that forage near the seabed.

During the night, this technique emerges as particularly successful for shark fishing. In the afternoon, typically after 11:00 AM and in warm weather conditions, predatory fish often shift their activity to mid-water layers. This period is when the largest trophies are frequently enticed by live bait, sometimes weighing up to 10 kg. These are lowered utilizing a downrigger at a speed of approximately 4 knots. This technique dovetails seamlessly with the use of large wobblers, allowing for comprehensive exploration of all depths and horizons.


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