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Dogtooth tuna

Dogtooth tuna (Gymnosarda unicolor), dogtooth tuna or gymnosard. It is also called scaleless tuna, common bonito or mackerel tuna.

The upper body is sparkling black-blue, the bottom is silver. There are no stripes or spots on the body. The scales of this fish are so small that it seems as if it does not exist at all. The record weight of the gymnosard is 131 kg. Fish with this weight was caught near the island of Kwan-Toll (Korea). It is found far from the mainland coasts, mainly in the waters of coral reefs. Usually solitary, but can form small flocks. It hunts small fish and squid, so it is usually caught by trolling live or dead fish and artificial squid. On the distant islands, we took dog-toothed tuna weighing 94 kg for jigging. this is more than the official Seychelles record. For those who want to catch rare specimens, it is possible to organize a special tour for this predator. Possibly a new world record.


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