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Oceanic whitetip shark

(Carcharhinus longimanus)

Belongs to the genus Carcharhinus, or real gray sharks. Black, often dark gray above with a bronze tint, sometimes brown or bluish. The belly is light whitish or yellowish. Some fins are white or spotted with white (sometimes it may not be white). The morphological feature of the species is very large pectoral fins.

The largest recorded parameters: length - 396 cm, weight - 167.4 kg. But more often one and a half to two-meter sharks weighing from 20 to 60 kg are caught. It is authentically known that they live up to 22 years.

Long-winged belongs to oceanic species and is almost never found near the coast. However, Jacques-Yves Cousteau classifies it in the first category of danger on the grounds that the long-winged shark is the only one of all sharks that the diver does not manage to scare at all. It is often found in company with coryphenes and flying fish. It feeds mainly on fish, with a particular preference for tuna. It eats crustaceans, turtles, gastropods, squids and other living creatures, as it is omnivorous, like all Carcharhinus. Seen in the use of carrion and devouring ship's garbage.

IGFA record: 66.4 kg (Kona, Hawaii).


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