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Restaurant of national cuisine. Seychellois cuisine is unique, reflecting the diversity of origins of the Creole population. Over the years, this cuisine of the Seychelles "without borders" has evolved from French, African, Indian traditions, but based on local food products available on the islands. The local cuisine was formed on the basis of traditional recipes of the islanders, but under the powerful influence of European, especially French, culinary traditions.

The most popular Seychellois dish is "pwason ek diri" (fish and rice). Rice is part of most dishes, either as an integral component or as a side dish, and is accompanied by either the obligatory sauce of capsicum, lemon juice and vegetable oil, or additional vegetable snacks. Vegetables in general occupy the most important place on the Seychelles table, and they are eaten both raw and in the form of numerous marinades and stews. Stewed breadfruit, mashed giramon (round gourd), patoli (a local variety of cucumbers), fried bringel (eggplant) with spices, stewed and fried bananas (there are at least 15 varieties), fried green papaya peel, pickled and fried Chinese cabbage, cassava, "delirium" broth (young sprouts, stems or flowers of vegetables), chips and breadfruit salad, various sweets and pancakes with all kinds of fillings, etc. And, of course, all this splendor is accompanied by abundance of spices of all kinds. Fruit - almost unlimited.

Located 1.5 km west of Beau Vallon beach along the coastal road. Royal-Safari recommends this restaurant!


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