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Individual diving

Individual diving in the Seychelles with a local personal instructor who knows the places (a Russian guide will also be present).

Do you want your diving to become the most interesting and unforgettable adventure of your life? Then you need a personal instructor who will help you. He will show the amazing, extraordinarily beautiful underwater world of the Indian Ocean, together with the cameraman will shoot an interesting, colorful film with your participation in the role of Ichthyander (by prior arrangement and additional payment), will provide you with everything you need on this exciting journey!

Individual diving is carried out on a speedboat Sea Master 41 - this is the fastest boat in the Seychelles for diving (maximum speed 110 km / h). Allows you to speed up the path to the most remote and promising places by 2-3 times. Sloping aft sides make it easier to get out of the water when diving. Also, the boat is ideal for excursions around the islands and recreational trips.

Our instructors will gladly guide you through night dives! The ocean at night is a unique sight. Animal plankton, corals, anemones, starfish set their traps. Crabs, under the cover of darkness, use their claws to dismantle shells with prey. Predators, such as sharks, take advantage of the fact that their victims are asleep and cannot see anything. Parrot fish flee from danger by releasing a slimy bubble, inside which they rest quietly.

Popular diving areas include Malgache Bank, Recife Island and Dragon's Teeth. A lot of people enjoy full day trips from Mahe to Silhouette Island. During this day, you can have time to do a couple of dives and have a wonderful barbecue, tasting fresh seafood on the island.


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