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Lagoon 46 F

Lagoon 46 F, owner version. Maximum equipment, a completely new catamaran of our fleet!

On deck

The cockpit table on the port side is great for a family breakfast, and in the evening it can be folded out for dinner to comfortably accommodate 8 people. The sliding seat will definitely be a hit. When there is no one at the table, it can be moved closer to the stern and access steps to the deck on the port side will open. This way you won't have to go around the table and out to the stern to get on deck.

To starboard in the cockpit is an open galley, straight from the Lagoon 50. There is a sink, refrigerator, bottle racks and a large work surface for preparing meals and cocktails. There is a small hatch above the galley, made solely to allow food and drinks to be transferred from the cockpit directly to the flybridge.

The foredeck still has comfortable seating forward of the windlass, which does double duty as a cocktail table. One of the portholes in the deckhouse roof opens, so drinks can be transferred to the foredeck from the salon, rather than climbing along the decks along the side.

There is one more wonderful news. There will be less work on polishing metal objects on the Lagoon 46, because it has been decided to remove the large stainless steel handrails. Instead, the handrails are molded directly into the deckhouse roof; the appearance of the catamaran has become even more streamlined and neat.

The flybridge has a large seat that can accommodate the skipper and two or three more people. Navigation instruments are installed on the panel in front of the helm, as well as controls for the autopilot, windlass and lighting. The latter means that there is no longer a need to go down from the flybridge into the salon to turn on the running lights.

The helm is installed differently than on the Lagoon 50. Now it is shifted to the left, so that the helmsman’s gaze does not rest on the mast in front. Behind the helm seat are large sun loungers with movable backrests. Here you can have a great time reading, dozing or watching everything that happens on the flybridge and around the catamaran.

The Harken electric winch is great for adjusting the main sheet, so there's no excuse for poor sail trim. And the automatic jib greatly simplifies the operation of such a large catamaran alone.

Below Deck

The cockpit, saloon and galley are on the same level inside and form a single space. On the starboard side of the cabin there are two refrigerator compartments.

There is another refrigerator under the countertop in the galley, next to the sink and stove. The galley is well equipped with shelves and cabinets for storing provisions and kitchen utensils. The microwave is located at chest level, so now you don't have to worry about something hot suddenly pouring onto your head.

On the left side of the cabin there is a corner navigator's seat with a B&G navigation panel, VHF radio and autopilot controls. From here it is very convenient to observe the situation around the catamaran while moving during long passages and in inclement weather. On pleasure cruises, the chart table can easily be used as another surface for drinks, but serious boaters will appreciate this space designed for working with navigational instruments and charts.

Our catamaran Lagoon 46 was in the 3-cabin version, in which the entire starboard hull is at the disposal of the owner. And I must say the cabin turned out to be truly luxurious. There is a queen-size bed aft with access from both sides. In the middle there is a large sofa and a table with shelves for books and small items. The shower cabin is located in the bow and there is enough space for two people to use it at the same time. At the same time, the toilet is separate and there is another sink for washing.

The wastewater tanks for all latrines are located below the deck rather than squeezed into the top of the hull, giving much more usable space inside. For charter or large families, the Lagoon 46 is available in a 4 cabins and 4 toilets version (each with separate shower).

The rectangular portholes on the Lagoon 46 are even larger than those on the Lagoon 450 and, combined with hidden lighting below and ceiling lights, create a stunning sense of light and space in the cabins.

Lagoon offers a choice of three wood finishes, including a darker shade of Alpi brown and the option of premium leather. Adherents of classics and traditions in yachting like to say that the production of catamarans is the aesthetics of a plastic bathtub, but not in the case of the Lagoon 46.


Two Yanmar diesel engines with 57 hp power. (standard 45 hp) with saildrive allow you to reach a speed of 8.5 knots at 3000 rpm (with the throttle fully open). Since you're unlikely to be constantly using the engines to their full potential, a more pleasant cruising speed at 2200 rpm is 7 knots.

​Length / width, m

14.00 / 8.00

Draft, m



3 + 1


2 x 57 HP Yanmar

Number of guests (day / night)


​Tariff in euros (day / half day)

Depending on the route


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