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Bonito, kawakawa

Bonito, kawakawa (Euthinnus affinis), or Spotted smallfin tuna.

The body is bluish-gray above, light below. Like the skipjack, it lacks a swim bladder. The back from the tail to the dorsal fin is colored with longitudinal oblique dark stripes, dark spots under the pectoral fins. The largest recorded parameters: length - 100 cm, weight - 14 kg.

It is found in open waters, but always close to the coastline and, as a rule, near the surface. It forms multi-species flocks, in which there can be up to 5000 individuals. Easily adaptable to changing conditions of existence predator. The main food is small fish, especially herrings and slats, as well as crustaceans, squids and plankton. In the Seychelles, it is caught on every fishing trip and is actively used by us as bait for trolling and bottom fishing.


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