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Great barracuda

(Sphyrnea barracuda)

The largest representative of the family. Outwardly similar to a pike, for which it is called a sea pike. It has a characteristic "palisade" of dark stripes on the sides and dark spots scattered along the lower part of the body. The upper part of the head between the eyes is flat or with a depression. The largest recorded parameters: length - 200 cm, weight - 50 kg. The longest recorded life expectancy is 4 years. Like other species, it lives on the shelf, usually occurring on or near the surface. Only juveniles are found in the immediate vicinity of the coast. Diurnal solitary predator in adulthood. Barracuda feeds on fish, sometimes quite large, often, like sharks, eats tuna caught on a longline. Maybe eat cephalopods. There are known cases of attacks by barracudas on swimming people. Barracudas are often the true culprits in accidents attributed to sharks. The Seychelles has all the prerequisites for setting new records.


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