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Guitar shark

It has a powerful jaw and flat, crushing teeth that easily crush the shells of crabs, sea urchins and molluscs. They also feed on small fish and other benthic invertebrates. Rochleobraznye are mostly ovoviviparous. They are found mainly in tropical waters off the coast of Africa, Australia, India, etc. On the coast of the Indian Ocean, locals eat dead-shaped rays in fresh and salted forms. According to a number of features, representatives of the Rough-like order resemble sharks, but their gill openings are located on the lower surface of the body. The length of some rokhleobraznyh reaches up to 3 meters, on the caudal fin there is a lower lobe. The stingrays of this order live on the sandy bottom near the reefs, some species swim closer to the shore, often staying away from the bottom. Sharks (Selachimorpha) are a superorder of cartilaginous fishes, including eight orders, twenty families and about 350 species. Representatives of the superorder are widespread in all seas and oceans; freshwater sharks are also found. Most of the species belong to the so-called real predators, some species, in particular whale, giant and largemouth sharks, feed on plankton.


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