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Permit(aka Round Trachinot, Round Pampano, Trachinotus falcatus) is a fish from the scad family of the order perch. It lives in the western part of the Atlantic in tropical waters at depths of up to 30 m. Adult permits feed on crabs, shrimps, and small fish. Most often they feed in small groups. Permits are a popular fishing target.

Type: Permit, round trachinot or round pampano

Latin scientific name: Trachinotus falcatus

English title: Permit

Cuban name: Pampano, Palometa

Coloration: dark back and fins, silvery flanks, yellow-orange belly area in front of anal fin.

Length: up to 122 cm

Weight: up to 36 kg (maximum documented weight)

The scientific Latin name of the fish changed over time, as the permit was attributed to different biological genera of fish, but the invariable part of the two-word name was "falcatus" - a derivative of the word "falcata", after the name of the ancient weapon - a long curved sword of the ancient Iberians. Falcatu resembles the dorsal fin of a permit, sometimes rising above the water.


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