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Rainbow runner

Rainbow runner (Elagatis bipinnulata), or Elagat

This member of the Perciformes (Perciformes) squad has a dark olive back with a green or blue tint and a white bottom. A characteristic feature of the species is two pale blue stripes along the entire body on the sides and two yellowish stripes between them. Fins olive or yellowish. The upper jaw ends up to the eyes. The long anal fin (from the belly to the tail) is shorter than the dorsal fin (from the middle of the back to the tail). The largest recorded parameters: length - 180 cm, weight - 46.2 kg. It is usually found near the coast and reefs, near the surface, less often in the open ocean. Can form large flocks. It feeds on large shrimp and other crustaceans, small fish. Ciguaterro-like poisonings of people have been registered. In the Seychelles, it comes across when trolling. Good as marlin bait.


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