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Red snapper

The red snapper is a fish of the snapper family (Lutjanidae), they are also called reef perches. Like other representatives of the species, it has an elongated, slightly laterally compressed body, which is explained by the peculiarities of the snapper's habitat: rock pits, coral reefs, sandy-shell and shell soils.

They can be found at almost any depth, from 2 to 400 m, where they prey on cephalopods, fish and crustaceans. Due to the complex topography of the bottom, the fishing of snappers is also becoming more difficult. In the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of some Latin American countries (Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico), they are caught using top-type traps and hook gear. Only in rare cases - when fish form clusters - can trawls be used.

A feature of fishing is determined by the selling price for this type of fish. But, as they say, demand creates supply. The red snapper enjoys the well-deserved attention of cooks and gastronomes, because in addition to tasty dense meat, snappers have an exceptionally beautiful skin color. Clear, with a reddish tint, it makes this fish a welcome guest both during a romantic dinner and at an official reception given in honor of royal persons. Connoisseurs of fish cuisine treat the snapper with due respect, and therefore, when serving, they do not make it heavier with complex side dishes and heavy oily sauces - a minimum of ingredients and gentle heat treatment. It is grilled or baked in parchment, but the snapper is especially good, quickly fried in butter, accompanied by white wine sauce and garlic croutons.


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