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Reef whitetip shark

(Triaenodon obesus)

One of the calmest sharks of the Carcharhinidae family and the only species of the Triaenodon genus. The body of the shark is gray or brownish, the head is wide and flat. As the species name implies, the ends of the first dorsal and upper caudal fins are white. Usually there are individuals 140-160 cm long. The largest recorded length is 224 cm. This is one of the most typical inhabitants of the shallow water of the shelves, but can be found at depths up to 300 m. During the day, it is often seen at a depth of several meters lying on the bottom, sometimes in the composition small group of tribesmen. At night, she hunts among the crevices of reefs for crustaceans, octopuses and fish. A non-aggressive shark, but when actively pursued, it can bite.


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