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Skipjack tuna

Skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), skipjack or skipjack tuna

In this fish, from 4 to 6 stripes run along the back of the body, brownish in the upper part of the body, painted in crimson blue, and ash blue on the silvery belly. Skipjack is the smallest of the open ocean tunas, it lacks a swim bladder, the body is practically not covered with scales, with the exception of the lateral line.

The largest recorded parameters: length - 110 cm, weight - 34.5 kg. Although usually there are individuals no longer than 50-60 cm and weighing 3-5 kg. The longest recorded life expectancy is 12 years.

Skipjack is the most characteristic fish of the surface layers of the open ocean, but it is also found in coastal waters, especially near coral reefs. It adheres to well-heated waters and is most often found at a temperature of 17-28 ° C. A mowing lifestyle is very typical for this species. Dense flocks of skipjack are formed from fish similar in size, with equal abilities for active movement. These flocks can be very impressive, sometimes including tens of thousands of individuals. In addition to "clean" shoals, aggregations are often observed in which it feeds along with yellowfin tuna, and sometimes with dolphins. Moving flocks develop a high speed, reaching up to 45 km / h. Skipjack feeds mainly on fish, squid and crustaceans. It is caught by trolling on light tackle with spinners, wobblers and live bait. In the Seychelles occasionally comes across when trolling.


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