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Tiger shark

(Galeocerdo cuvier)

One of the largest, widespread, characteristically colored and dangerous to humans species of sharks. There is evidence that specimens up to 9 m long were caught with nets, although the officially registered parameters are as follows: length - 750 cm, weight - 807.4 kg. The recorded life expectancy is 50 years.

The gray back and sides are covered with dark brown spots, merging into oblique and transverse stripes. As the fish matures, the spots begin to fade from head to tail. The bottom is white. The head is sharply rounded, the mouth is wide. The tiger shark is omnivorous and illegible in its diet, it considers a person to be no worse dish than a leather boot, a potato or a sea turtle. Attacks on humans have occurred throughout the range of this species. A feature of the predator is that it prefers to scour the shallow water of the bays, climbing even into the mouths of the rivers, that is, in the most attractive places for bathers. Although it can also be found in the open ocean, near small islands. The tiger shark can attack boats. Actually, this is the second predator after the Great White Shark in the ranking of the most dangerous killer sharks. 27 cases of tiger shark attacks on humans have been reliably documented. With all this, the shark is rather slow (it only revives when it smells food) and, having fallen on the hook, after the first sharp resistance, surrenders to the mercy of the winner. The IGFA record was set at Cherry Grove (South Carolina, USA) and amounted to 807.4 kg.


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